Internet with a difference.

Finally the internet South Africa has been waiting for!
We are not simply another service provider -- WE ARE DIFFERENT!
How you ask?
Net Hog does not rely on any other service provider.
Our service to you has been designed and engineered with stabilitiy, security and continuity.
Helpful support. Instant downloads. Crystal clear voice. Endless possibilities.
It's not just Internet. It's Net Hog Uncapped Wireless.

Plans & Pricing

Enjoy the very best of what the internet has to offer Do everything you love, accomplish the extraordinary, game, learn, share, watch without without anything in your way.

• No data caps • Requires Wireless Antennae Installation • Fair Usage Policy • NETFLIX & SHOWMAX does not effect your bandwidth (Please read below for more info)

Binge-watch till your heart's content

NETFLIX & SHOWMAX Streaming Service

We offer a unique service included in your packages where NETFLIX & SHOWMAX have no effect on your bandwidth. This means you can watch your favourite series without slowing down the rest of your household. Effectively you are receiving free bandwidth for these two streaming providers.

VOIP Phone

Voip Phone is a phone that uses your internet connection to make and receve phone calls.

You are able to port your existing number and voip calls are considerably cheaper than the alternatives.


Net Hog Internet Solutions reserves the right to make changes on pricing without notice. Our service is coverage dependant. On the day of installation, if it is found that the customers signal strength is not sufficient for the customers package, Net Hog will cancel the customers agreement. Pyroca 3 cc T/A Net Hog Internet Solutions operates under CECNS and CECS licences issued by ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa)